Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Slight Edge

I’ve titled my blog SlightEdge as a reminder that achievements are the result of many small steps over time, each embedded with their own learning. Years ago, I read a newsletter my financial advisor uncle had prepared for his clients. In it, he talked about the idea that it’s not what we do at any one point in time that matters but the little things we do each day. Whether it’s saving for a financial future, keeping good health or achieving a career goal it’s the collective effort made every day that pays dividends in the end. This idea appeals to me and has stayed with me ever since – in fact I think I still have that old newsletter folded up and tucked in my diary. When I’m feeling overwhelmed and like there is just so much I don’t know, I try to remind myself of the Slight Edge Theory and that taking little steps towards my goals each day means that over time ….. I’ll get there.

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