Monday, 20 January 2014

You Need No Title To Be A Leader

Last year, while on my efellowship journey, one of the things I discussed with my peers was that I sometimes felt stuck not having a title or position to allow me to lead and activate my ideas. I didn't see myself as a leader - but someone aspiring towards leadership. It was Claire Buist who said to me, "but Heather, whether you realise it or not, you are already a leader." Claire inspired me with her consistent support and professional reflections to explore and think more about my ideas about what it means to be a leader - which it turns out have nothing to do with a title or status and everything to do with sharing my knowledge and developing others. This is quite empowering as it means wherever I am in the workplace hierarchy I have the ability to lead in my role - to do my very best, lean into change and support and inspire others. Some of these ideas are shared in Robin Sharma's book The Leader Who Had No Title. In the book Robin talks about four keys to being a successful leader:

1. You Need No Title To Be A Leader
2. Turbulent Times Build Great Leaders
3. The Deeper Your Relationships, The Stronger Your Leadership
4. To Be A Great Leader, First Become a Great Person

So as 2014 begins I have a fresh outlook on leadership and my ability to affect change!!

Being a leader isn't about having a title - it's an attitude and an intention to always do your best for yourself and others. 

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